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Why You Need to Install A Ceiling Fan This Summer

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A ceiling fan is an utterly essential household item. They’re by no means a new cooling device, but just like stand-alone fans which now look like space crafts, the technology in the ceiling fan has evolved considerably. They’re sleeker, quieter, and more functional than ever.

Here, all the reasons this underrated household inclusion is the best investment you’ll make this year.

They are energy efficient

Ceiling fans look costly, but they’re actually one of the most eco-friendly cooling devices you can buy. Each fan uses around the same amount of power as a 60 watt light globe, so you can feel as much as 8 degrees cooler for as little as three cents an hour. And, if you choose a fan with a DC motor, which saves up to 65 per cent more energy than fans with traditional AC motors, you can stay cool for less than one cent an hour.

They are good for your health

Hours spent in air-conditioned spaces dehydrates your skin and can make you more susceptible to contracting colds and other illnesses. Ceiling fans circulate fresh air, which promotes better breathing and happier skin. If you really can’t surpass air-conditioning, at least combine the two.

On blistering hot days, using a ceiling fan together with an air-conditioner can reduce your air-conditioning bill by 40%.

Elevate Alfresco Dining

Outdoor fans are ideal for partially covered areas located in humid climates. Plastic blades mean they can handle tropical weather, and an aluminum motor means they won’t rust. Enjoy a shrimp on the BBQ without the side of sweat beads!

They are affordable

You can pick up a good quality ceiling fan for as little as $149. It can also double as your light source, instantly lowering your installation cost.

Factor in the saving you’ll make on your electricity bill and the value you’ll add to your home and suddenly, a ceiling fan looks more like a savvy investment than a designer accessory.

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