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If you’re a resident of the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney and have need of an electrician for data and phone lines, then look no further. Our experienced electricians would love to be of service, and they can be at your door in a matter of hours once a service request is made. With decades of collective experience, we have the knowledge and technical skills to tackle just about any job you might have, including installing new cable, replacing damaged electrical parts anywhere in your home, and more. So feel free to reach out to us with any queries you might have.

Data lines and phone lines are an integral part of our society. These days, access to the internet is a must-have for many workers and students, and losing Wi-Fi access could prove to be a severe problem to anyone working from home.

At All Electrical Plus, we know how important your web access is to you, and that when a problem occurs that cuts off your ability to go online, you want it fixed as soon as humanly possible. Have no worries – we’ll be on our way as soon as you let us know what you need. We offer a myriad of services related to data and communications, including data cable and phone line installations, repair, and replacements. 

What Are Data and Communciation Services?

To put it simply, data and communication services are any type of electrical job that relates to you having access to your phone and internet. That typically means cable/phone line repair, installation, and replacement. In Australia, if you’re looking to have a landline or data cable installed for a reliable house phone or faster internet, then that requires a licensed electrician – you might even be breaking the law by trying to perform the installation yourself.

Benefits of Data and Communications Services

While repairs and installation are the main services that we handle, they aren’t the only ones. We can assist our clients with:

  • Picking out different kinds of cables
  • Rerouting cables and wires throughout the home
  • Reorganising cables to make things more aesthetically pleasing or easier to access

While cables mostly run underground, making them resilient to many different types of natural disasters, they  are susceptible to damage. When that damage occurs, that’s where we come in, and you have our guarantee that we’ll be there as soon as we can be!

Basically, it’s our job to make your life easier, so let us know exactly what you need and we’ll do our best to deliver just that.

There are tons of obvious benefits to updating or installing new data cables for the internet. Did you know that fibre-optic cables can significantly increase your download and upload speeds? If they’re available in your area and in your home, then they might be well worth the investment. Imagine – no more loading webpages, no more buffering videos online, and no more emails that refuse to send. Ask us more about what we can do in this area.

Also, as we’re sure you know, landline telephones, while somewhat of a rarity nowadays, rely on physical cables that run through your home. These can suffer damages due to a variety of reasons – maybe it flooded and there was a short circuit somewhere, a mouse chewed through some wires, or your kids got curious with the scissors – no matter what the cause, whenever physical damage occurs to a landline, it requires an electrician to fix it.

Why Should I Work With All Electrical Plus?

While nearly every electrical services company is making the same kinds of claims, we can back up ours. First off, we won’t charge you anything to come out and appraise a job. With the decades of collective experience that our team of electricians possesses, we’ll usually be able to diagnose your data/communications problem right away and give you an accurate quote of how much the service will cost.

Once you’ve agreed to work with us, we can get started right away! You can rely on us to be punctual and respectful of your time, as we know how frustrating it is to hire a company and be told they’ll be at your home anywhere within a six to eight-hour window. With us, that’ll never be the case. We also offer a guarantee of quality workmanship. This means if there was an installation error or you don’t like how a job was done, we’ll fix it or you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. Contact us today to learn more.


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We provide a variety of residential and commercial services with a strong focus on building customer loyalty and relationships. 

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We provide a free consultation and quote for every residential project, giving you the confidence of knowing what the job will cost from the start.

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We understand that in business, time is money. Our aim is to provide the most cost effective and time efficient solutions for all our commercial clients.

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At All Electrical Plus, we know from experience that the installation of a residential solar system can save you money and add value.

AEP Services Data Cabling
Data Cabling

Our experienced electricians are experienced in installing new cable, replacing damaged electrical parts anywhere in your home, and more.

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EV Charger

All Electrical Plus can help you get set up with your new home electric vehicle charger, repair existing EV charging stations, or upgrade to fast charging.

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Switchboard Installation

Having reliable electricity is crucial, and having someone who has extensive experience upgrading old switchboards is essential.

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Security Camera Installation

At All Electrical Plus! If you’re located in the Northern Sydney area and want to buff up the security of your commercial or residential property, we’re confident we’ll be able to help.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our real-world knowledge, coupled with our personalised service, ensures we deliver the best project outcomes every time.

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No Surprises Guarantee

We provide a free consultation and quote for every residential project, giving you the confidence of knowing what the job will cost from the start.

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Workmanship Guarantee

At All Electrical Plus, we employ the best tradesmen who have great attitudes and skills.

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