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If you’re located near the North Shores of Sydney and have an electric vehicle (or are thinking of getting one), then we here at All Electrical Plus can help you get set up with a charger in your home. We can help install and repair EV charging stations, upgrade yours to a fast charging station, and provide a number of other services for you.

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With electric vehicles growing in popularity, we recognised the need for people to install their own EV charging stations in their home. This is why we made it a priority to incorporate EV station servicing into our skillset. Our electricians are fully qualified and can come to you with a free quote on how much estimated work will cost and an accurate time frame of how long the job will take. We’ll remain communicative throughout the project and work to complete all required work as fast and thoroughly as possible. 

What Are EV Chargers?

EV chargers are how your electric vehicle’s battery gets juiced up. Drawing power from the electrical grid, EV chargers safely transmit that electricity into your car – just like any phone or tablet charger. However, much like those devices, charging your electric vehicle is a process that can take hours. This is why most owners would prefer to charge their cars at night while they’re asleep.

However, fast charging stations also exist, and some are able to fully charge an electric vehicle in an hour or so. These are more efficient, but there are far fewer of them publicly available. This means that if you want immediate access to a fast charging station, it might be best to have one installed at home.

Benefits of Owning An EV Charger

The benefits of being able to charge your electric vehicle at home are numerous:

  • Convenience for you and other EV owners who visit
  • Saves money in the long run
  • Reduces stress when planning long trips

Being able to fuel up at home means you’ll always drive with a full charge, allowing you to make spontaneous trips outside of your daily commute without the worry of running out of juice. Plus, it’ll save you money on charging up at public charging stations and prevent you from ever having to wait for someone else to finish charging their electric vehicle. Overall, the benefits speak for themselves – if you drove a petrol-powered vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice to have a fuel pump in your backyard?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as they become more readily available. However, as electric cars become more widespread, people are realising how few public charging stations there are in the country. Currently, there are less than 2,500 charging stations in Australia, with only 350 of them being fast charging stations.

That means while electric vehicles are expected to make up almost all new vehicles sales by 2040, the country is woefully underequipped for the rise in demand. If you own an electric vehicle, then we’re sure you’re familiar with the stress of having to charge your vehicle and not being able to do so. Having a charging station in your home can reduce much of the stress that comes from owning an electric vehicle.

How Can All Electrical Plus Help?

Our electricians are fully trained and fully qualified in all aspects of EV charging stations. Whether you’re looking to have one installed, repaired, or upgraded, we’ve got you covered.

Not only are we punctual and communicative – our team of qualified electricians also provides 5-star quality work, as well as workmanship guarantees so you can rest easy knowing that if by some small chance the job isn’t done right, but you’ll also be fully compensated. If you have any questions about how the process will go, how much it will cost, and how soon it can be done, then feel free to reach out to us! Our team would love to talk the matter over with you.


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