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Having reliable electricity is crucial to remaining comfortable, especially with how hot summers get in Australia. With how many modern appliances we use on a daily basis, having consistent electricity requires updated equipment. However, you’d be surprised how many seemingly modern homes we come across that are using old, outdated equipment.

At All Electrical Plus, one of our main goals is to upgrade people’s lives and homes and bring our clients into the modern age. Our electricians are highly trained individuals with decades of experience dealing with different matters. And, upgrading, repairing, and installing new switchboards is certainly something we’re familiar with. If you have need of our services in the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney, we’d be able to send an electrician to you in an instant with a free quote on how much a job would cost, how long it would take, and any other relevant information you might have.

What Are Switchboards?

Switchboards help control how electricity flows through your home. They help redirect electricity to where it’s most needed. To give an example, an outlet with two lamps plugged into it probably doesn’t require as strong of a current as, say, the area of your home with a washing machine and dryer. When switchboards get old and decrepit, the electrical flow in your household may suffer, resulting in tripped breakers, blackouts, blown fuses, and other electrical conundrums.

Modern switchboards are built to handle many different heavy appliances. These days, most homes have refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, central air units, and more. These appliances require a great deal of electricity to function properly, and those electrical currents need to be carefully controlled so that things don’t go haywire. If you’ve been having electrical issues in your home, an old, outdated switchboard may be what’s to blame.

Benefits of an Updated Switchboard

The major benefit to investing in a new switchboard is consistency in how your electricity works. If you’ve ever had to settle for muggy summers because you were worried about the breaker being tripped, then you might not have to rewire your whole home – a switchboard could be all that’s required. Our electricians will conduct a thorough investigation into what’s causing your electrical maladies and work quickly to remedy the situation. A new switchboard can also reduce the risk of burned-out outlets, electrical fires, and other safety hazards.

What Other Electrical Equipment Can Make My Life Easier?

There are several types of security systems that you can install in your home or business. If you’re looking for a new

You’ve likely heard of electrical surges, or at least have heard about how they’re less than ideal to maintaining an electrically sound home. When thunderstorms hit, lightning strikes can pose a serious danger to your home’s appliances and technological devices. Without a surge protector, a lightning strike could mean your computer gets fried, resulting in lost, irretrievable data and the need to invest in a brand-new motherboard – if not an entirely new computer!

At All Electrical Plus, our electricians can check to see if you have a surge protector installed. And if you don’t, they can get started installing one right away. New homes are rarely built without them, but it’s not uncommon for us to come across older homes that have never had one installed. Oftentimes, owners didn’t even know that they were necessary.

Can All Electrical Plus Help Me Get a New Switchboard or Surge Protector?

If you’ve noticed electrical problems in your home, such as malfunctioning appliances, power that seems to cut out when you’re using a lot of machinery, or anything in this ballpark, then it’s worth giving us a call to check things out. We wouldn’t recommend just switching around any wires yourself or plugging and unplugging appliances in different places – doing this can result in new electrical issues occurring, and even injuries! You definitely want a qualified electrician to take a closer look at how your home is set up electrically, and that’s where we’ll come in.

If you do decide to give us a call, then be prepared for a quick appointment. We provide workmanship guarantees, fast and reliable service, and a team of professionals who will be communicative with you throughout the entire process. We regularly service clients in the North Sydney area, and we can send an electrician to you within a matter of hours. We promise fast, reliable service. We hope to hear from you soon!


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